Trekking in Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan is enduring, timeless and true wilderness experience. Once you step off the road to start the trek, you are in true wilderness much of the time. Although there are established trails, there are no planes flying overhead, no roads and very few villages; instead there are views of snowcapped peaks and forested hillsides stretching to eternity. Treks in Bhutan offer the opportunity to see Bhutan that is scarcely touched by the modern times. The small villages that you come across are far removed from the chaos of city-life and its inhabitants, mostly living the life of nomads, grazing cattle in the highlands filled with wild flowers, surrounded by snowcapped peaks are unassuming but friendly and welcoming. 

Most of Bhutan's landscape is covered with forests, and nowhere is this more evident than on a trek. All treks climb up and down hills, passing through various vegetation zones with a great variety of trees. As there is a lot of wildlife in the hills of Bhutan, and most treks are in protected areas, there is a chance, albeit small, of seeing wildlife in its native habitat. 

A trek in Bhutan can range from 3 days to 30 days. It can be physically demanding, trekking between 6-8 hour each day and the changes in elevation are large. There are no lodges or hotels in the mountains and so you would be camping in tents. 

Come and enjoy splendors of the high mountains, and the hospitality of its friendly inhabitants with Bhutan's trusted guides and dependable host.