Why Us

Repeated Past Clients

The quality of our services has been raved about, and as such, the results are evidence of the claim. Uncompromising when it comes to offering quality services to our clients at an affordable price, Narba Treks continually sees a lot of familiar faces who are keen to venture into the wonders of the country.

Experience of having guide visited all over Nepal

Any successful endeavors are only as active as the foundations that lead them. And so, the company has made a similar approach when enlisting its members. The guides and trip staffs have had extensive experiences of traveling around the country. The trips are made smoother when the leaders/guide are already familiar to the regions, and so Narba Treks has made investments in the human resources of the company.

Sustainability at its core (Social, economic and environmental)

We have etched the principles of sustainability into our practices as a traveling companion and a business institution. Ever-ready to couple with moral and sustainable practices, our methods have always been aimed to allow the clients to experience Nepal in a way that puts the social, economic, and environmental aspects into scrutiny.

Community support through CSR and projects

Not just a profit-oriented company, Narba Treks serves the roots of the grounds that it conducts its practices. We have undertaken continuously numerous projects which are encouraging in nature and are directed at developing the most basic of infrastructure in the remote areas of the country. Our attempts to provide education to women and children have also been a subject of appreciation.

Promotion of local tourism

International Tourism has been in the spotlight of the tourism industry in Nepal. And so the prevalent practices made in the field have been put into significant effect to allow international tourists to enjoy in the country. However, we also recognize the need for national tourists who yearn to explore the majesty of their country. So, our trip packages and services are aimed at providing local tourists with similar experiences as well.

Customized Trips

Boasting a plethora of destinations, Nepal offers even more significant variations of trips around the country. A rigid plan can never be put into a significant effect if the demands of the clients are not appropriately addressed. We allow the clients to tweak the itineraries so that their experiences can be made even more glorious. All the trips are subject to modifications and improvisations.

Prompt response

Our response to our clients and their queries is another factor that allows us to have better communication with them. The inquiries are addressed as soon as possible so that clients do not have to face any uncertainties about the trip of their choosing. Our client communication